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Director's Welcome

Since it’s founding, the Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden has been a place of beauty, peace and discovery in an international community. Our staff, interns
and volunteers welcome visitors as extended family. This spirit of warmth and caring began when Charles E. Gagnon lived in his home and studio. He was a private man, who highly valued his quiet studio and grounds for creating wax and clay sculptures and enlargements for bronze casting.

The Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden is the crown jewel of Rochester, where you can learn about the realistic bronze sculpture of a Minnesota sculptor.  When Charles E. Gagnon died in 2012,  I began the transition of our home and studios into a museum to honor his legacy of fifty creative years.  The peaceful tranquil environment is open to the public by scheduled tours only.  

If you have enjoyed your online preview of the Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden, I hope you will feel inspired to visit our museum.   I look forward to welcoming you and sharing beautiful, uplifting sculptures created by Charles E. Gagnon, an American sculptor of international acclaim.

“You can’t drive, live in, or eat a piece of sculpture,
but you can tangibly feel the forms and movements
​with your eyes and soul and,
through [the] inspiration a fine piece of sculpture can bring,
other things may and oftentimes do evolve.”

Charles E. Gagnon


The Charles E. Gagnon Museum & Sculpture Garden preserves Charles E. Gagnon's art, spanning from 1962 to 2012, and shares this legacy with people throughout the world. Gagnon was dedicated to creating bronze sculptures that would give hope to the world and inspire peace among all peoples, and many of these sculptures will be on display.

Guided museum tours of Gagnon's home, galleries, and studio, designed by architect Steven D. Sorensen, is arranged by appointment. 

Chuck’s private library on figurative sculpture and artists is available to art students on an appointment basis, with no books leaving the library. Contact us to express your interest in viewing the library publications.

Special exhibitions will feature the Gagnons’ private drawing and print collection, which includes works by many well known artists. Charles Gagnon’s figurative drawings, which have never been displayed, also will be exhibited at future events. 

Produced by KSMQ

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