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Angel - Minneapolis, MN

The Angel was commissioned in 2002 and unveiled and dedicated on the front of the main altar in Saint Olaf Church in downtown Minneapolis, MN in 2003. Gagnon was also commissioned to create a six foot bronze and mahogany crucifixion for the narthaz of the church.

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Location: Saint Olaf Church, Minneapolis, MN

Installation Date:  2003

Materials: Bronze


Saint Olaf Church in downtown Minneapolis, MN commissioned Gagnon to create a bronze angel for the main altar in 2002. Hi sresearch discovered may references to angels from the christmas Angel, who spoke to the sheperds, to the Easter Angel at the tomb of Jesus. Gagnon's Golden Angel is raw bronze and welcoming with open wings. It inspires Hope, Joy and Peace. Gagnon began his series of angel sculptures  in 1993.

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