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Renaissance Man and Woman  -
Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

Gagnon was commissioned to create the "Renaissance Man and Women" for Kanyon College, Gambier, Ohio in 1971. After two and a half years researching Kenyon's history and several visits to the campus, as well as numerous meetings with the anonymous donor the inspiring "Renaissance Man and Women" was unveiled in 1973. The plaque reads:

Renaissance Man and Woman

is dedicated to the spiritual rebirth of men and women through their liberal arts education at Kenyon College.

Kenyon College had a 147 years history of men only prior to this sculpture which inspires present and future generations of students. The sculpture is larger than life size.

More detail . . .

Location: Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

Installation Date:  1973

Materials: Larger-than-life-sized bronze figures displayed on travertine marble pedestal.

The Renaissance Man and Woman sculpture depicts a man and a woman standing with their backs to each other while they reach to the sky, forming an open heart shape. The sculpture represents an unending search for hope, peace, and joy in the future and is dedicated to the spiritual rebirth of all students through their liberal arts education at Kenyon College.


Kenyon College rededicated the Renaissance Man and Woman sculpture as “a legacy of hope and peace” at a 2013 reunion ceremonies.  Writing in her blog, one Kenyon College student wrote in 2012 of the Renaissance Man and Woman sculpture: “It reminds me to live and love with joy and abandon …”

Notes: Chuck was commissioned in 1971 by an anonymous Kenyon College alumnus and donor to create this sculpture. It was unveiled at the college in 1973, when it was dedicated to "the liberation of the total human person through education and the spiritual rebirth of all men and women everywhere." 

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