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The Charles E. Gagnon Museum & Sculpture Garden is grateful for the many ways individuals choose to participate in our mission and vision. With your helpful contributions, the peaceful, healing, and hopeful legacy of Charles Gagnon continues to educate and inspire our community. 

2022 Benefactors

Bari and Peter Amadio
Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation

Lauren Boutin

Special thanks to the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation for the  grant that made the enlargement of Discovery a reality. Additionally we'd like to thank them for the grants that made the enlargement of Saint Francis and The Birds, and the Kay Caskey Memorial Garden a reality. Your support and generosity are deeply appreciated by the Gagnon Museum, and its visitors. 

2021 Bench Benefactors

With sincere gratitude, the Gagnon Museum acknowledges your generous donation of an inscribed stone bench. May these benches offer visitors a place to rest and contemplate your heart-felt inscriptions.

Special thanks to:

Al and Marcia Dollerschell, Biesanz Stone CompanyBenike ConstructionKathy and Mike Lutito, Stephen and Jennifer Rose, Ron and Jody Hanson, The Compassionate Friends of RochesterPeter and Bari Amadio, Modern Art Foundry, and an Anonymous Donor.

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