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Thank you to all those who showed their support of "Keeping the Peace" and signed the petition. 


The Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden would like to thank the DMC, Coen+Partners and the Rochester City Council for their respectful consideration of Mrs. Gagnon's wishes to keep the Peace Fountain in the Peace Plaza. Coen+Partners has told us that all their designs will include the Peace Fountain.


We will now move forward to start planning the 30th Birthday of the Peace Fountain on June 22, 2019, next summer. The whole city of Rochester is invited to this special birthday event and we hope we will get a glimpse from Coen+Partners at renderings of the new look of the Peace Fountain and the Peace Plaza once the renovations are complete. What an exciting time for the Peace Fountain to get a new look (basin and lights) for its 30th Birthday present.


Thank you DMC, Coen+Partners and the Rochester City Council for keeping the Peace Fountain in Peace Plaza.

The Making of the Peace Fountain

Peace Fountain.jpg

In 1988 the City of Rochester, MN commissioned  Charles E. Gagnon to create the Peace Fountain. Chuck worked day and night to create this breath taking sculpture. 


The Peace Fountain was dedicated on June 25, 1989 at the end of the RochesterFest celebrations. 


It is located in the heart of downtown Rochester in the appropriately named Peace Plaza on 1st Avenue SW &  1st Street SW.


The Peace Fountain has been a symbol of Peace for the residents of Rochester, MN for many years. 


Many citizens and businesses of Rochester donated money to the city of Rochester to help pay for this beautiful sign of Peace. 


Over the years the Peace Fountain and Peace Plaza have been used as a symbol of Peace. On September 11, 2001 a group of students marched to the Peace Fountain as a way to overcome what was happening on that very tragic day in American history, 


The Peace Fountain has also been used as a place to lay wreaths for Fallen Hero's and many other events over the years. 


The Peace Fountain is perfectly located near the Mayo Clinic and a perfect spot for those under going medical treatments to come and relax in their search for healing and Peace.


June 2019 will commemorate the 30th birthday of the Peace Fountain and the Peace Plaza. 


If you are interested in volunteering or helping with the 30th birthday please contact the Gagnon Museum at




We would love to hear about your fond memories of the Peace Fountain and the Peace Plaza. 
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