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Peace Fountain - Mulheim A. D. Rohr, Germany

The Peace Fountain, a unique seventeen-foot-high bronze sculpture, was commissioned by a private family. It was unveiled in Germany and dedicated to world peace in September 17, 2002.


"... when I saw the horrible events in America last September - albeit from some distance away - I happened to see a smaller version of this fountain in a square in Rochester, Minnesota, and I was moved by a desire to meet the artist and ask him to make a copy for me."     
                          Erivan Haub ~ September 17, 2002

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"Peace is one of the highest assets that we enjoy and there is good reason why the desire for peace is at the top of our list of values . . . each and every one of us should make an effort to achieve it"     Erivan Haub

"The peace of the world must find its source in our hearts, in our homes"                           Reinhold Schneider

Location: Private Property, Mulheim A. D. Rohr

Installation Date: September 17, 2002

Materials: Bronze sculpture with 17-foot water feature.


In 2000, a prominent German businessman and private collector commissioned Chuck to create a unique peace fountain for his conglomerate’s international headquarters. This 17-foot Peace Fountain, with a water feature reaching as high as 20 feet. Water flows up through the center of the fountain, cascading down over the doves into the basin. This Peace Fountain was unveiled in 2002 and dedicated to world peace.

The Germany Peace Fountain weighs two tons. It consists of 69 doves. It was in 1969 that Erivan Haub took over the helm of the company where this Peace Fountain is located. 

Chuck Gagnon was creating this Peace Fountain at the Art Foundry in New York on September 11, 2001 when he witnessed the second plane crash into the south tower of the World Trade Center. 

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