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Peace Fountain - Rochester, MN

The Peace Fountain located in Rochester, Minnesota, was commissioned by the city of Rochester in 1988. After working day and night, the Peace Fountain was dedicated on June 25, 1989 at the Festival of Peace during RochesterFest. It has been viewed as a symbol of peace for the residents of Rochester, Minnesota for many years.

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The making of the Peace Fountain

Location: Peace Plaza in downtown Rochester, Minnesota

Installation Date: 1989

Materials: Bronze sculpture with 15-foot water feature.

The Peace Fountain stands 12 feet tall. The life-sized bronze doves represent the 50 United States, the 7 continents of the world, with the top three doves depicting the past, present, and future. Water flows up through the center of the fountain, cascading down over the doves into the basin.


Chuck believed the Peace Fountain was “one of the most significant [sculptures] I’ve created.” In 1991, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris, France, featured the fountain in the UNESCO Courier, a publication distributed to 120 countries.


A year later, the Peace Fountain was featured in a German publication as a global symbol of peace. In 2000, a German businessman and private collector commissioned Chuck to create a unique peace fountain for his conglomerate’s international headquarters. This 17-foot Peace Fountain, with a water feature reaching as high as 20 feet, was unveiled in 2002 and dedicated to world peace.

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