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Exhibit, and sale from inheritance

Arlyn Gagnon knows that museums have to grow and adapt in order to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her last two fundraising anniversary celebrations at Mayowood Stone Barn have been canceled, leaving the executive director of the Charles E. Gagnon Museum and Sculpture Garden in need of some other plan. So Gagnon delved into her own inheritance of sculptures to create a new exhibit opening Friday evening.

Arlyn Gagnon, wife of Rochester sculptor Charles Gagnon, points out details in “Guardian Angel” a sculpture part of an upcoming exhibit of 13 of his works from her private collection Friday, Nov. 12, 2021, at the Charles E. Gagnon Museum & Sculpture Garden in Rochester. Traci Westcott /

Each of the pieces is for sale -- and the proceeds will go directly to the museum.

Gagnon chose “lucky 13” pieces, and moved them into the building’s studio. Some, like “Discovery,” are smaller models of life-sized pieces in the Sculpture Garden. Others, like “Releasing the Peace Dove,” are reminiscent of Charles Gagnon’s famous fountains. Still more are small reminders of her husband’s religious works, or the deer that “posed” outside the studio’s large windows.

Story, and photo belong to the Post Bulletin.

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